Annual Events

St. Jude Country Fair

2015 marks the 41st Anniversary of the church’s much anticipated Country Fair. This year the Country Fair will be held on Saturday, November 7th from 10am – 3pm. The Country Fair gets better each year. This year’s event will bring new and exciting options for fair goers, while keeping the best parts of this long standing tradition intact, and maintaining the integrity of its mission. The fair – traditionally held first weekend in November – means it is time for the beloved St. Jude Holiday Mice, new gifts, crafts, holiday decorations toys, used books, Vermont Cheddar cheese, homemade pickles, baked goods, gourmet foods, fresh produce stand, kids games, raffles, and much much more. To many of us, it is also a time to meet our neighbors, invite new friends to join in the celebration, and enjoy our community.




It is St. Jude’s Halloween party, consisting of a “Trunk or Treat” contest and potluck dinner. Car trunks are decorated with Halloween goodies and the children go from trunk to trunk collecting treats. Then, they all get to vote on the trunk they like the best and a prize is awarded to the winner.



St. Francis Pet Blessing

In recognition of the truly precious gift that God’s creatures bring to our daily lives, The Church of St. Jude holds a St. Francis Day Blessing of the Animals every October in our St. Francis Memorial Garden. The blessing is free, open to the public and is inclusive of all individuals and pets from all faith traditions. Animal blessings have been practiced in association with the Feast of St. Francis for over 100 years. It allows us to appreciate the unconditional love animals bestow upon us and meditate on our responsibility to care for all of God’s creation.

Attendees to St. Jude’s Blessing of the Animals have brought an array of amazing animals including horses, snakes, bearded dragons, rats, bunnies and of course, cats and dogs, just to name a few.


Breakfast with St. Nicholas

Breakfast with St. Nicholas serves up the best pancakes in town along with Christmas crafts, caroling, and socializing. Join us for a nice break from the hectic holiday schedule and give the kids a chance to meet St. Nicholas (and a special friend). Everyone, young and old, enjoys this special morning!


Easter Egg Hunt

Every Easter, after the 10:15 service, all the children of the parish are invited to hunt for Easter Eggs on the rectory lawn. The “Easter Bunny” scatters thousands of eggs filled with goodies for the children to find. Children of all ages are welcome to join in the fun.


Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday brunch is a catered brunch held immediately after the 10:15 am service.     Mothering Sunday, the mid Sunday of Lent, began in England. It was the one-day a year apprentices were given the day off to visit their “Mother” churches. They would bring flowers and a simnel (a type of fruit cake), to honor their mothers. In the United States many churches celebrate Mothering Sunday as a way to honor the ladies of the Parish.


Cinco de Mayo Party

Each year on Cinco de Mayo, the parishioners of St. Jude come together for a pot luck dinner featuring a variety of Mexican food, drinks, and music. Adults and children alike enjoy this fiesta!