Vestry, Boards & Committees

The Vestry

Our vestry members were elected by the parishioners of St. Jude to help define the mission of our congregation, to support the church’s mission by word and deed, to ensure effective organization and planning, and manage resources and finances.  Vestry members are available should you have questions or concerns and can be reached at


Tricia Corabi, Warden (‘17)

Al Thompson, Warden (‘18)

Heidi Felix (‘18) 80

Michael Nersesian (‘19)

Charles Garbowski (‘18)

Brian Quinn, Treasurer

Alan Hecht (‘18)

Ellie Roth (’19)

Jon Mortagua (’17)

Janine Scarlatos (’19)

Barbara Mott (’17)

Ginny Zorn (‘17)



Committee Leadership

Buildings and Grounds Committee: Kevin Curran (Chair)
St. Jude’s Building and Grounds Committee holds several responsibilities. The Committee is responsible for keeping close watch on the condition of all church-owned properties and buildings, and ensuring they are maintained in safe and satisfactory condition. The committee will schedule and supervise work days to clean up the property, make repairs, or arrange for commercial repairs as needed.


Christian Formation Committee: Erin Andrews (Chair)
The Christian Formation Committee develops and maintains educational programs that meet the needs of all members of the parish and the community. The committee shall be responsible for serving as a liaison for all educational programs including Sunday School, Adult Education, Bible Study, Vacation Bible School and Nursery. They will coordinate all curriculum used in Church sponsored programs, participate in reviewing and evaluating each program, work with the Rector to prepare a calendar of events to assist in the spiritual growth of the parish, and provide resources and opportunities for teachers. 


Communications Committee: Jennifer Garbowski (Chair)
The purpose of the Communications Committee is to research, develop, evaluate and coordinate communication tools and processes that will support he achievement of St. Jude’s mission and vision. Some of these tools include St. Jude’s website, bulletin, email and print newsletters, social media, additional media, and signage. The committee will objectively serve as the “voice” of St. Jude’s congregation, both in-house and to the outside community through media coverage of St. Jude events and happenings.


Finance Committee: John Stone (Chair)
The purpose of the St. Jude Finance Committee is to assume total responsibility for the finances of the congregation.  This shall include developing and monitoring a church budget/financial recording and reporting, disbursement, investment planning, and auditing of records.  The Finance Committee  works in close cooperation with the Stewardship Committee as well as all standing church committees for budget planning and input.


Outreach Committee: Elaine LaBella (Chair)
The Outreach Committee leads the parish in the our over-arching responsibility to minister to all the local communities  and maintain relationships in  the areas that are served by St. Jude. The Outreach Committee is responsibile for raising  he congregation’s awareness of our mission and purpose of the church and to facilitate the congregation’s participation in effective outreach and social action in the local community, the nation, and the world.


Stewardship Committee: Christopher Wright (Chair)
The Stewardship Committee studies and reviews the stewardship goals of the parish in order to develop and implement plans to achieve these goals.
They conduct year round stewardship programs and consider ways to support formal ministry and mission in parish and diocesan life.  The St. Jude’s Stewardship Committee works to help people understand the meaning of Christian stewardship and the need to practice it in all of life.