confirmationConfirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation of Faith FAQ’s
Members of the church who were baptized as infants may choose to affirm their faith as adults through the rite of confirmation by the bishop. In addition, those who have been confirmed in other denominations by a bishop in historic succession (Roman Catholic, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, or Eastern Orthodox) or in full communion with us (The Moravian Church) may be received into the Episcopal Church by the bishop. Those who have been baptized and confirmed in the Episcopal Church (or any member church in the Anglican Communion) and wish to recommit themselves to the life of faith may choose to reaffirm their baptismal covenant with the bishop.

Adults who wish to be confirmed, received or to reaffirm their faith should contact the Parish Office. The parish offers ongoing formation opportunities, focused on understanding the Christian experience and practicing the way of Jesus within the Episcopal/Anglican tradition.